The Pullman is an 18-unit, three-storey walk-up ‘flat’-style condominium building. The design of The Pullman Coach Flats takes its inspiration from the vibrant central Montreal neighbourhoods, where walk-up flats with exterior staircases are de rigeur.

Each unit is approximately 1,000 square feet and has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a storage laundry room and a room-sized balcony on the north side. Design features include large windows and an open-concept living, dining and kitchen area. Underground parking and bicycle storage are available in the brightly lit garage.

The Pullman Coach Flats are set back 10 feet from the sidewalk. This provides a softening of the Gladstone streetscape and allows for the creation of fully landscaped front garden areas with maple trees, shrubs, and ground cover. In summer months, these maples will provide shade for the front of the south-facing flats, while in winter the sun will pass through to brighten interior spaces.

The rear yards of the Level 1 units are planted with numerous trees and shrubs, and framed with a solid six-foot-high cedar fence, providing privacy to both the owners and their immediate neighbours to the north of the site.